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While the core objectives are listed in the Articles of Incorporation, the main purpose in establishing the body are:


  1. To strive for comprehensive development of Commerce and Industry, bringing together all important Indian business establishments of Japan under one roof.

  2. To provide support, guidance and offer consultancy/advisory services to all interested parties to enable them exploit fully the potential for Commerce and Industry between Japan and India.

  3. To provide comprehensive and authentic information, on specific request to Japanese entities.

  4. To gather, collate and disseminate information, in general, relating to Commerce and Industry opportunities in India to Japanese entities and also to supply likewise to Indian business wishing to tap Japan for business opportunities.

  5. To Voluntarily serve as an apex institution for commerce and industry, cultural, educational and related organizations existing in Japan.

  6. To serve as the focal/nodal agency for organizing visits by Indian delegations to Japan and to facilitate and support Japanese delegations visiting India.

  7. To particularly offer support and assistance to SMEs from Japan who may not have a presence in India.

  8. To work closely with other chambers of Commerce in Japan, sharing information and, where necessary, organizing joint functions and events. 

  9. To perform such other functions as may be expected of a body of this kind.

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